Deciding to Blog March 30, 2010

Deciding to Blog
Today, I flew South. Traveling always takes me to a meta-level of thinking and emotion. It is one of the few times my body and mind are stuck in 1 place, with nothing to do but read and reflect. (I wish these moments found me more often.) This is the result of that time.
I am reading Katherine Bomer’s Hidden Gems, a book that is washing out my heart. (Ps, love her. Read ANY of her words and you will be changed, moved to be a better person.) This particular book is reminding me of the brilliance of children. A book that calls out the ‘hidden gems’ that are our students. It inspired me. It energized me. It challenged me to read more, write more, share more, and call my students into this identity that they own without even knowing it.

So here’s to writing more..and sharing more.. and living a writerly life.

The focus?
-I want to be a chaser of beauty. So I want to capture those moments and occasionally put them here.

So far, the random topics that come to mind are
1) everyone that I know with curly hair, I love. Is there something to that?
2) Creative renewal. Until 1 month ago, I was loosing my creativity as a teacher. I think hope of change revived me. Do other teachers face this? Where do we get this renewal? Are we/am I chasing after it?
3) What am I researching? What new things am I learning? (Ex: weeds 🙂 Did you know most of them are GORGEOUS? )
4) Music. I miss it.
5) The Book Theif


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