Endings. Saying Goodbye With Poetry

Central Park Turtle Pond Fall 2009

I’ve never been o.k. with goodbyes. But as I prepare myself, my heart, for another season’s ending, I am reminded that there is a kind of goodbye I adore.

I am wooed by Summer’s farewell. Year after year, I long for it. I wait eagerly for the cool wind that whispers “It’s scarf time again.”  I can walk through central park for hours as I watch the leaves rain down in their yellows and reds. I am in love with the Fall. Utterly smitten. Every year, it gently carries me from Summer into the cold winter with the utmost beauty.

Endings can be this way. We can say goodbye with celebration. We can say goodbye with beauty.

This year, as I begin to say goodbye to a class, a school, and a season, I have caught myself in the early stages of grief. Even as I write this, there are some tears. Tears of guilt. ( have I done enough? no. but have I done all I can? still, I’m sure the answer is no.) Tears of sadness. This year has showed me some rough waters, but there have been many sweet and tender times. We’ve laughed together. (Oh, there’s been laughing.) We’ve cried together.  And I will miss it.

So as we end this journey of a year, we are going to say goodbye with poetry.

Ah, poetry. The stuff of the heart. The stories of the soul.

We will end this year looking at ourselves and our world in new ways. We will search in the hidden places for the things of beauty… of pain.. and we will write with the words that feel true. We begin on Monday and already my insides feel soft. I am ready. Ready for the words of our souls to carry us gently into our next season.

I cling to it for comfort. I cling to it for them. I cling to it for me. It will save my heart.


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4 responses to “Endings. Saying Goodbye With Poetry

  1. kristen

    poetry is such a metaphorical spring to teach. sigh. it sounds like we must catch up again…and talk like dorks about what we’re teaching:)

  2. emu

    Oh girl. Something is wrong if some stranger be knowin’ about your blog and I does not. Fail.

    But I done found you now! Welcome to the blog world! I love you! 🙂

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