Falling Leaves, Summer is Coming

Not too long ago, I posted about how the end of seasons can be like Fall. We are wooed…ushered  gently into the next phase with color and beauty, with crisp air to awaken our senses for something new.

We walk around, not fearing the dreadful cold.We aren’t thinking of the snowy, slushy winter to come; no, we are too busy living in the moment. It’s Fall. It’s gorgeous. It’s good. No need to think ahead. Not yet.

Then without warning, an uninvited rain comes along. Maybe even some wind. All those leaves we’ve been adoring on our slow walks through the parks aren’t there anymore. Look down. There they are. And soon, they’ll be swept away for good. (So crunch in them now, right?! I digress. maybe. )

Seasons, by definition, must end. No matter how slow and gentle the closure, the curtain will fall. I didn’t remember this until I turned the page in my day planner today. I began inserting all the events packed into the last bit of school. Each time I get an updated calendar, I secretly love to look ahead and insert any foreknown events in future months. It’s a high– it makes me feel put together and very organized. (All an illusion, mind you.) Thankfully, my powerhouse angel of a friend and literacy coach IS actually put together and organized, so I get to do this quite often. Until today.

On June 25th, meetings end. No more “BRING THIS”…No more Love Letters.. No more.  Done. Nothing left to add. My job will be finished. [Enter RAIN and WIND.] Finality realized for the first time. I suppose I thought I could start my new job and life while this one continued. (Note to self: This is not LOST.) But that’s not how it works. Seasons end. It’s coming soon and I’m sad.

The pit  in my stomach from today’s realization has now made its way to my eyes, so rather than ramble in a fit of drama and sadness, I will give my heart a rest.

And those leaves on the ground… well, I suppose I will go out of my way to walk in them every day until I have to say goodbye for good.



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3 responses to “Falling Leaves, Summer is Coming

  1. John Worden

    What new job?

  2. kristen

    i love your blog. and i laughed out loud at the lost comment.

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