Walking Turtles

My front yard

When our deepest desires and joys match how we spend our time, we are most at peace.

Last month, a dear friend reminded me of what it means to live a healthily engaged life. A life of overflow and thriving. Here’s what he told me.  The impact has been profound.

  • Reclaim the mornings. Frame your day around the kind of life you want. Spend the best part of the morning envisioning what you want to be. Marinate your heart in TRUTH.
  • “What gives you life?”  Go do it.  Do lots of it. We need enough emotional capacity to THRIVE, not just survive. What you love will deliver this.
  • Know when you will rest. What rhythm have you set up for disengaging? The city is good, but you need to leave it.
  • Rest when you feel good. This will prevent burnout.
  • Learn from the Flanuers (people who stroll, or walk slowly through the city in order to experience it..to see its people. really see them). You don’t want to walk through NYC (insert your city/neighborhood) and miss the beauty of it.  Bottom line:   “Take a turtle for a walk. Let him set the pace.”

Up the street…

And around the corner. . . LIFE.

Usually I visit the water when I run (haven’t done THAT in a long time), when I have days off, or when I’m desperate for renewal. Today, I just went to walk turtles. To chase a little beauty, if you will. . .

Thank you, JT.

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  1. this is a beautiful reminder.

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