Manners Gone Awry

i said ma’am today
and NOT to a stranger.
actually it was “yes ma’am”
(crap would have been better)
it happened so fast
no time
to revise on the run.
i  should
by now.
after all the overheard rants
and explanations
people here hate that.

but sometimes
the south
just slips out.
yes ma’am and no ma’am
are like please
and thank you.
they don’t disappear
as fast
as the accent


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5 responses to “Manners Gone Awry

  1. Martha Singleton

    As a first-year teacher new in town, I allowed the kind counselor to arrange a date…who turned out to be a man who had been MY teacher and Student Council sponsor my senior year (5 year age difference). He was a very nice young man, and nice looking, too…The problem was that I called him “Mr. ___” and said “yes, sir,” and “no, sir” all night long. Epic fail.

  2. emu

    Did you get back slapped?

  3. linda

    this is great! been there…

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