I. love. my. . .


“my whole house is great.. i can do anything good”     -jessica

i love my apartment. i love my neighborhood. i love my family.  i love my dinner. love this wine.  i love my roommates. i love our toast. (there’s a story) i love my friends. i love my church. i love my students. i love my classroom. i love new friends. i love my boss. i love my schedule. i love my leadership group. i love being a dork. i love brooklyn.  i love my mentors.  i love the readingandwritingproject. i love learning. i love my hair.  i love freedom. i love my birthday. i love my books. i love my music. i love netflix. i love the park. i love my bed. i love the fall. i love my computer.  i love my phone. i love my dreams. i… love… it.. “my whole house is great. i can do anything good.” [CLAP] yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah…

(this was genuine. i even did the dance.)

This is becoming more a Year of Jubilee every day, and for that, I celebrate.


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3 responses to “I. love. my. . .

  1. emu

    Haha. You are the cutest!

    And I…

    …I love my Lindsay! 🙂

  2. Ashley

    yeah, you love Brooklyn. 🙂

  3. JML

    I love you. Joining you in celebration. xoxo

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